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Flipping theScript on Sex

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drops Designed for Anal Sex

Meet FLIP: A revolutionary personal lubricant designed for anal sex by research scientists who believe in a slicker, safer, sexier experience. Being among the first scientists in the world to begin developing microbicides, we've spent our careers improving sexual health around the world. Because the bottom line is: we all have sex. So why not make it safer? Why not make it good? And hell, why not make it fun?

Meet Dr Bob
  • atom
    Scientifically tested and developed
  • smile
    FLIP is a low osmolality lubricant
  • water
    Feels like silicone, but water-based
  • condom
    Safe for most condoms and sex toys
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drops Your Ass is Sensitive.

Literally. The protective lining of the anus is thin and can be easily damaged. And many of the lubes on the market are just making it worse. The numbing lubes, the silicone machinery oil, the bacon-flavored nonsense — those lubricants are damaging the cells in your body. FLIP protects the sensitive tissues in the anus and vagina, so sex can be slick, safe and sexy.

The Science of Sexy

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“I just wanted to tell you this lube is everything I have been looking for and more! I am already ordering another bottle. Thank you so so much for saving our lives with the best product on the market.” - A first-time FLIP user

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